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Samar Dilemma and Malti Offer

Samar asks Dimple if she will join him. Dimple tries to convince Samar to accept Malti’s offer, as he seemingly has no other option. Samar becomes annoyed with the suggestion. Anupama intervenes, understanding Samar’s emotions and highlighting that the shutdown of the dance academy must have deeply affected him. The family discusses Samar’s attachment to the academy, and Hasmukh speculates that Samar might be upset about not being able to financially support the family. Despite initial resistance, Dimple manages to persuade Samar to consider Malti’s offer, acknowledging his prioritization of family.

Anupama Concern for Samar

Anupama tries to call Samar, expressing her worries about his decision. She believes that sometimes, helplessness can lead a person to make choices against their own wishes. Anupama hopes that Samar doesn’t fall into any traps. However, Samar ignores her call, and Dimple urges him to sign the contract.

Anuj Surprise Announcement and Family Planning

Anuj calls Adhik, and Leela teases him for not coming with Anupama. Anuj explains that Adhik is focused and hardworking. Anuj reveals that if he hadn’t called Adhik, he wouldn’t have come. Pakhi calls Anuj aside, and Adhik looks stunned.

Anupama prepares sweets for Kavya, who worries about her figure. Anupama encourages Kavya to focus on the well-being of her baby. Vanraj asks Anupama to make Kavya understand, but she remains silent. Anupama notices Kavya’s reaction and asks Anuj about the surprise announcement he mentioned earlier. Anuj decides to wait for Samar and Dimple before revealing it. Leela becomes impatient, urging Anuj to share the news, and he finally announces that Pakhi will be joining Kapadia Empire. Adhik is taken aback, and he informs Barkha about the development. Anuj also talks about planning a family get-together.

A Baby Shower Proposal and Anupama Confession

Anupama suggests having a baby shower for Kavya, and the Shah family discusses the theme. Leela suggests a fashion theme, and Anupama thanks Anuj for the idea. Anuj playfully hints that he expected something more from Anupama, leading her to confess her love and inquire about their future. Anuj assures her that everything will be fine.

Samar and Dimple return and Anupama asks Samar why he seems upset. Dimple then reveals to the family that she has signed the contract with Malti. Anupama and the Shahs are left stunned by the revelation. [Episode Ends]


Samar expresses his frustration to Vanraj, saying he doesn’t want to become good like Anupama only to suffer for his goodness later. Malti talks to Nakul about her desire to challenge Anupama’s motherhood. Anupama vows to protect Samar from Malti Devi.

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