Anupama 24 July 2023 Written Episode Update | Episode 992

Anupama 24 July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update by

Vanraj and Leela Express Concerns

Leela approaches Vanraj and inquires if he’s unable to sleep. Vanraj admits to having sleepless nights, and Leela reveals her fear that Malti Devi (MD) is responsible for their current situation. She worries that MD might not stop at just this and expresses concern about the potential dangers Anupama and their family might face. Vanraj acknowledges the loss of their business and Leela recounts witnessing fear in Anupama’s eyes.

Samar Faces Career Challenges

Samar panics as he reveals being blacklisted by the dancer’s association, leaving him without job prospects and a source of income. His family reassures him that they will find a solution, but Samar is disheartened, feeling that his hard-earned fame is now lost. Kinjal suggests that he obtain a license and restart his dance academy. Dimpy criticizes the idea, but Anuj tries to encourage Samar, comparing him to a “cool dude.”

Anuj and Anupama Visit the Shah Family

Anuj, Anupama, CA, and Pakhi visit the Shah family with snacks and music to lift their spirits. Everyone is silent, and Anupama and Kavya exchange inquiries about each other’s well-being. Leela expresses her worries that MD might continue to harm them, and Anupama shares her fear that Gurumaa will target her children. Vanraj and Anupama discuss their concerns about MD’s actions and her role as a guru who physically and verbally abuses her student.

Anupama Determination to Seek Guruma Forgiveness

Anupama performs an aarti for Samar and expresses her concern for him. She feels the need to seek Gurumaa’s forgiveness and calm her down to protect her family. Anuj recites a poem emphasizing the strength of a united family in facing any situation. Dimpy takes Samar to meet Gurumaa, but he refuses to work with someone who threatened to destroy his mother.

Samar Rejects Dimpy Offer

Samar firmly rejects Dimpy’s proposal to work with MD, stating that he cannot betray his mother even though she may be ungrateful. The family wishes Samar luck for his job interview, and Anupama prays for his success.


Anuj and Anupama discuss the importance of family unity. Samar returns home, and Dimpy reveals that they have signed a contract with MD, leaving the family in shock.

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