Anupama 23 July 2023 Written Episode Update | E991

Anupama 23rd July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update by

Nakul Expresses His Concern and Confession

Nakul approaches Malti Devi (MD) and is prompted to speak his mind. He recalls the incident where Anupama got injured by broken glass pieces and confesses that he kept those shards because he was hurt when MD chose Anupama as her successor instead of him. He admits to realizing his mistake and fears that MD might make a similar one. MD becomes angry and tells him to go to Anupama instead. However, Nakul expresses his deep respect for MD and states that even if he leaves her, Anupama will eventually bring him back. He decides to stay with MD and tries to point out her mistakes until she corrects herself.

Anupama Dance Academy Faces a Crisis

Samar informs Anupama that her dance academy has been sealed as they lacked a commercial license to run it. Anupama reminisces about how she started the academy. Despite Samar’s apology for failing to save it, Dimpy suggests finding a solution before students demand refunds. Speculations arise about who might have reported the matter to the municipality, and Leela points fingers at MD, accusing her of attempting to destroy Anupama completely. Leela criticizes MD for her narrow-mindedness and lack of empathy.

Anupama Fears for Her Children

Anupama urges everyone to stay calm and find a way out of the crisis. Dimpy expresses concerns that they might be destroyed, but Anupama advises patience instead of acting in anger. Amid the discussion, Vanraj notices bruises on Anupama’s wrist and learns that she visited MD. Anupama acknowledges her fears about Gurumaa seeking revenge and harming her children. Anuj reassures her, declaring his determination to protect them no matter what.

Anuj Offers Comfort and Assurance

At home, Anupama emotionally confides in Anuj about her encounter with Gurumaa, fearing for their safety. Anuj asserts that MD lost her moral ground after slapping Anupama and promises to shield her from any harm. Anupama remains anxious, sensing that something unsettling might occur.

Leela’s Worries About MD’s Revenge

Anupama wakes up in the night and finds her children missing, leading to a moment of panic. Eventually, she discovers they had gone out for ice cream with Anuj. Leela expresses her concern that MD might seek revenge not just on Anupama but on their entire family. Anuj receives a business contract offer from MD for Samar, causing Anupama to worry about Gurumaa’s intentions toward her children.


Leela shares her apprehensions with Anupama about MD’s potential revenge. Meanwhile, MD presents a business opportunity to Samar, intensifying Anupama’s fears for her children’s safety.

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