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Anupama 22rd July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update by

Anupama Faces Humiliation at the Gurukul

Following the government officer sealing Anupama’s dance academy, MD receives a call and disconnects after learning that her instructions were carried out. Anupama approaches MD and attempts to touch her feet, but MD stops her. The Shah family learns about the academy’s closure, and Dimpy raises concerns about refunding the students’ fees. Samar explains that saving his mother’s dance academy is more crucial this time, leading to a debate among the family members.

MD offers ghungroo (dancing bells) to Anupama, who wears them and greets MD. Anupama performs Bharatanatyam dance on a song, but Nakul criticizes MD for humiliating Anupama through the performance. Anuj expresses his worry about the difficult path Anupama has to take to earn MD’s forgiveness.

Anuj and Shah Family Worries for Anupama

Vanraj informs the Shahs that Anupama went to meet MD, which worries Leela and Kavya. Hasmukh believes in Anupama’s ability to win hearts and resolve the issue. Leela remains skeptical, describing MD’s heart as stone-like. Anuj’s concern for Anupama grows, and he regrets letting her go to the gurukul.

MD’s Cruel Ultimatum to Anupama

At the gurukul, MD tells Anupama that she will only forgive her if she sacrifices her family completely and dedicates her life solely to her talent. Anupama stands in silence, torn between her love for her family and her passion for dance. MD recalls Anupama breaking her promise before, leading to this moment of punishment.

Anupama Heartbreaking Departure from the Gurukul

Unable to meet MD’s harsh ultimatum, Anupama is thrown out of the gurukul, facing rejection and humiliation. MD vows to make her life a living hell. Anupama, in tears, stands outside the gurukul, contemplating her next steps. She receives a call and assures someone that she will come immediately. She removes the ghungroo from her feet and considers them as MD’s blessings.


Anupama returns to the Shah house and asks about Samar. Toshu reveals the shocking news that Samar is no more.

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