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Dimpy Argues, Family Reacts

Dimpy and Samar engage in an argument over her media statement against Anupama. Samar urges her to admit her mistake, but Dimpy demands his support when his family criticizes her. The family overhears their conversation from the living room, and tensions rise. Leela is tempted to intervene, but Hasmukh stops her. Vanraj and Toshu share their opinions, and Dimpy continues to argue, deflecting the topic toward Samar’s return from Mumbai.

Anupama Throws a Surprise Party, Anuj Reacts

Anupama organizes a surprise party for CA, showing her determination to invite happiness despite the challenges. Anuj, however, notices distressing news in the newspaper regarding Dimpy’s actions. The family is concerned about Anupama, fearing she might feel guilty due to Dimpy’s actions.

Anupama Resolution to Seek Forgiveness

Anupama takes responsibility for the consequences of Dimpy’s actions, believing that Dimpy won’t understand the difference between drama and conflict. She asserts her determination to seek forgiveness from Gurumaa, acknowledging her role as Gurumaa’s student and her responsibility for hurting her guru. Anuj reassures her and offers to compensate for MD’s losses, but Anupama is firm about facing her punishment.

Anupama Dance Academy Faces Closure

The court officials seal Anupama’s dance academy for operating without proper legal permission, causing distress to Samar, Vanraj, and Toshu. Vanraj recalls Gurumaa’s challenge, indicating a possible connection between the two events.

Anupama Apology and Gurumaa’s Condition

Anupama arrives at Gurukul to apologize to Gurumaa, showing her determination to seek forgiveness. Gurumaa, however, demands a condition and makes Anupama dance on a song, adding a challenging twist to the situation.


Anuj informs the Shah family about Anupama’s attempt to apologize to Gurumaa, hoping for her forgiveness. Gurumaa, on the other hand, imposes a condition for granting forgiveness, leading to uncertainty and tension.

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