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Anupama 20 July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update by

Barkha and Ankush’s Frustration and Failed Plan

Barkha attempts meditation to control her anger, but Ankush taunts her for being unsuccessful. They had planned to take over the Kapadia empire, assuming that Anuj would be occupied with CA, and Anupama would be in the USA permanently. However, their plan backfired thanks to Anupama’s presence. Barkha blames Anupama for wanting to play the role of a mother when she and Ankush were ready to care for CA. Ankush reminds her to respect Anupama’s sacrifice. Barkha labels him as Anupama’s devotee and asks him to leave her alone. An argument ensues, with references to Anuj’s illegitimate child and his seemingly less concern for him compared to Anupama’s devotion to CA.

Anupama Sacrifice and Worries for CA

Samar returns home earlier than expected, and Hasmukh questions him about Anupama’s well-being. Vanraj advises them to give Anupama some space and time to cope with her situation. Toshu arrives and shows them a newspaper featuring Dimpy’s statement about Anupama breaking MD’s contract. Toshu expresses disappointment with Dimpy’s betrayal after Anupama did so much for her. Leela warns that Dimpy’s actions may lead to unforeseen consequences. Vanraj worries about MD’s possible retaliation and reveals that Anupama is unaware of an impending storm.

Tension at the Shah House

Anupama creates a princess-themed room for CA and discusses the efforts parents make to keep their children happy. Pakhi surprises CA with the room. Anuj and Anupama joyfully dance around CA, joined by Pakhi and Ankush. Anupama emotionally cherishes CA, looking at Maaya’s photo.

Dimpy Controversial Statement

MD prays to God while recalling Anupama’s actions on the airplane. A servant brings a newspaper and tea, and Anuj expresses hope that Anupama will soon calm MD down. However, MD notices Anupama’s belongings and photo, vowing to take away the reason that led to her loss of name and fame.

Anupama Efforts to Make CA Happy

CA celebrates her special day with Anuj, Anupama, Pakhi, and Ankush. Anupama reads the news in the newspaper and learns about the situation with MD.


MD gets Anupama’s dance academy sealed. Anuj informs the Shahs that Anupama has gone to apologize to Gurumaa, hoping for forgiveness. Gurumaa sets a condition and asks Anupama to dance on “Sheela Ki Jawani” song as part of the apology.

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