E1016 – Anupama 17 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Anuj Scolds Ungrateful Romil

Anuj tells Romil not to play the victim as he came from an orphanage himself. He says Romil should be grateful for a caring father, home, and food instead of complaining. Anuj warns another slap if Romil keeps misbehaving.

Romil Rebels and Plans Revenge

Romil shouts he doesn’t need their concern and lectures. Ankush insists he apologizes or leaves. Romil says he’s leaving this suffocating house.

Anupama describes how he can’t survive alone. Ankush makes Romil reluctantly apologize. Anuj orders him to clean his mess. Ankush promises to be more careful with Romil, apologizing again. After they leave, Romil decides to take revenge on Anuj and Anupama for humiliating him.

Dimpy Draws the Kitchen Border

The next morning, Leela is shocked to see Dimpy draw a line partitioning the kitchen. Dimpy arrogantly says it shows their sides. A hurt Leela says Dimpy painted over fate, not the floor.

Anuj-Anupama Romance and Reject Trio

Anupama romantically kisses Anuj while he works. Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik ask about the party. Anuj reveals signing a deal and rejects their offer to rejoin the business after seeing huge losses under them.

Leela Warns Dimpy on Rules

Leela tells Dimpy that kitchen rules still apply – no footwear, bathe first, light god’s lamp, make pure veg food, and keep Samar happy. Dimpy arrogantly retorts she knows how to keep Samar happy.


Adhik slaps Pakhi for her office success and warns her to know her limits. Anupama says Pakhi was rude but Adhik is criminal. Pakhi insists it’s common in marriages and refuses to leave Adhik.

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