E1017 – Anupama 18 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Anuj Scolds Rude Romil Again

When Romil rudely orders the servant for coffee, Anuj scolds he doesn’t believe in letting bygones be bygones. Romil claims he just asked for coffee.

Anupama says to do chores yourself and be polite to helpers. She demonstrates addressing the servant respectfully. Anuj approves and orders Romil to clean his party mess before coffee comes.

Shahs Bond Over Breakfast

The Shahs enjoy breakfast together. Kavya joins and loves Leela’s Kesar Kheer. Seeing her happy reminds Vanraj of her betrayal.

When Samar comes, the ladies are delighted to see all four men. Dimpy stops Samar from eating Leela’s thepla, saying she already prepared breakfast. Samar insists on having a bite of Leela’s cooking and breakfasts with the family, leaving Dimpy fuming.

Romil Vents Frustration on Pakhi

Romil vents his anger at Anuj-Anupama by throwing darts. When Pakhi enters, he shouts at her to knock and says they punished him unnecessarily. Pakhi tries calming him down but Romil warns her to stay out of his business.

Anupama Performs at Event

Anupama gets ready for her dance performance and prays it goes well. She introduces herself to her co-performer, singer Vandana, and they interact kindly. After their successful jugalbandi, Anupama gifts Vandana a Ganpati idol and wishes her a happy future.


Adhik slaps Pakhi for her office success and warns about limits. Anupama says Pakhi was rude but Adhik is criminal. Pakhi insists abuse is common in marriages and refuses to leave Adhik.

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