E1015 – Anupama 16 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Anuj-Anupama Catch Romil’s Party

Returning home, Anuj-Anupama is shocked to find Romil’s drunken party. Anuj stops the music. Arrogant Romil asks who did that and pushes Anuj calling him a moron.

Anupama reprimands his behavior. Romil uses vulgarity for her. A livid Anuj slaps Romil, who falls on the table.

Vanraj Bonds with Samar

Toshu brings Samar to Vanraj, who asks if Samar is okay and holds his hand. Vanraj apologizes if Dimpy felt bad during their fights.

Hasmukh says fathers and sons shouldn’t stop communicating. Vanraj agrees and says he didn’t mean to hurt Samar. The four enjoy coffee together as Dimpy watches angrily.

Anuj Scolds Romil and Friends

Anuj scolds the elders for allowing Romil’s wild party and warns his friends for underage drinking. He makes them leave without driving.

A defiant Romil shouts at Anuj for sending his friends away. Anuj splashes water on drunk Romil and lectures him on underage alcohol being illegal.

Family Love Appeals to Samar

Vanraj advises Samar on balancing wife and family. Hasmukh says he criticizes Leela when she’s wrong. Vanraj adds being too silent also spoils peace. They express loving concern for Samar, who appreciates this talk.

Romil Feels Abandoned and Provokes Ankush

As Anuj scolds Ankush for Romil’s ruination, Romil vents his mother abandoned him and Ankush should too.


Adhik slaps Pakhi for informing about Romil’s party. Anu says no one has the right to hit anyone. Pakhi insists it’s common in marriages and refuses to leave Adhik.

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