E1014 – Anupama 15 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Anuj Assures Anupama About Pakhi

Anuj comforts Anupama, saying sensible Pakhi would’ve told her if something was wrong. Anupama says women hide important issues and tolerate injustice silently hoping for improvement.

Though worried for Pakhi, Anupama insists Anuj meet his friend. Anuj happily agrees to take her along. Anupama prays for her children’s wellbeing.

Dimpy-Kinjal Argument

Dimpy rudely tells Kinjal to move the stove for her induction stove. Kinjal says to ask politely. Dimpy shouts her politeness died when Anupama slapped her.

Kinjal warns to lower her voice or she’ll get two tight slaps. Dimpy continues insulting the Shahs. Kinjal advises changing before it’s too late.

Anuj-Anupama Romance and Discuss Family

While Anupama drives back from the party, Anuj gazes at her beauty. Anupama voices concern about Samar-Dimpy and hopes they reconcile with family.

At home, Anuj recites romantic poems for Anupama. They laugh and romance while Barkha-Ankush argue downstairs.

Dimpy Calms Samar’s Concerns

Samar finally confronts Dimpy about overspending. Dimpy blames Anupama’s house division order. She calms Samar and demands their dance academy space back for her new venture. Samar instantly agrees.

Romil’s Wild Party

Romil throws a loud drunken party with friends. Ankush tries stopping him but gets pushed away. Barkha calls Ankush a hypocrite for allowing this when Anuj-Anupama won’t.

Anuj-Anupama Catch Romil’s Party

Returning home, shocked Anuj-Anupama find Romil’s wild party.


Drunk Romil pushes Anuj away when he threatens to tell his friends’ parents about the alcohol.

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