E1013 – Anupama 14 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Romil Hints at Adhik’s Abuse

Romil asks why they notice his misbehavior but not Adhik’s. He starts revealing Adhik mistreats Pakhi but Pakhi signals him to stop. Anuj asks what Romil was saying, but Barkha dismisses it as a couple’s normal argument that Romil misunderstood.

Anupama stops Barkha-Ankush’s ensuing argument, saying they should learn morals before teaching kids. She asks where a disowned teenager would go and reminds them of being abandoned by family.

Shahs Enjoy Family Dinner

At Shahs, Vanraj loudly asks for the crunchy bhindi Toshu is eating. Samar yearns for Leela’s bhindi. Dimpy arrogantly brings Samar cold sandwiches instead. The Shahs feel bad seeing Samar’s plight.

Anupama Bonds with Romil

Anupama brings Romil juice and cleans his room. She makes him agree to homemade meals in exchange for occasional burgers. She advises adjusting to family now, like with new college friends.

Romil Opens Up About Parental Neglect

When Anupama calls Ankush his papa, angry Romil vents about his absent parents and being taunted by friends over his ‘invisible father’. He says Ankush was never a dutiful father.

Overhearing this, a nervous Pakhi pretends to ask Romil’s breakfast choice. After Pakhi leaves, Anupama grows suspicious.

Anupama Confides Her Concerns

Lost in thought, Anupama tells Anuj she’s worried about unhappy Romil’s missing parents. She reveals seeing Adhik throw water on Romil earlier. Combined with Pakhi’s odd behavior, Anupama suspects something wrong between Pakhi-Adhik.


Anuj-Anupama stops an intoxicated Romil’s rave party at home. When Anuj threatens to tell his friends’ parents, Romil pushes Anuj calling him a moron.

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