E1012 – Anupama 13 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Adhik Abuses and Threatens Pakhi

Adhik physically assaults Pakhi for joining the office despite his warnings. He accuses her of trying to impress Anuj and prove them wrong. Pakhi pleads with him to stop hurting her.

Adhik stops when Anuj-Anupama returns home. Adhik lies Pakhi accidentally broke the laptop. Anupama asks if Pakhi is okay. Pakhi apologizes to Anuj for the laptop.

Shahs Pray for Family Unity

At Shahs, Hasmukh and Leela pray their family fights never led to division before. Vanraj says better to let Dimpy-Samar live what they want than send them away. Kinjal comforts Leela.

Anupama Comforts Pakhi

Anupama comforts a distraught Pakhi, who opens up in her arms. Anupama reassures work will get easier and Anuj will help her learn. Pakhi hopes things improve while looking at her and Adhik’s photo.

Dimpy Flaunts Separate Facilities

Dimpy arrogantly flaunts getting the latest appliances and household items, boasting of not using the Shahs’ stuff. Leela fumes as Dimpy declares she’ll order outside food if the power goes. Samar silently follows behind.

Pakhi Pleads to Romil

Pakhi requests Romil not to expose Adhik’s abuse after he saw it earlier. Romil says he doesn’t care about them but will expose Adhik if he tries to act smart. Worried Pakhi leaves.

Family Dinner Drama

At dinner, Romil demands pancakes. Anupama promises them lectures on nutrition. Romil accuses her of quoting WhatsApp but agrees to eat after she cites the scriptures.

Romil Exposes Adhik

Adhik deliberately spills water on Romil, who angrily reveals Adhik’s domestic abuse. Barkha takes Adhik’s side.


Anupama gets juice for Romil, who says he won’t accept her sympathy like dual-faced Adhik. Eavesdropping Pakhi hears them.

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