E1011 – Anupama 12 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Dimpy Demands Separate Sections

Dimpy insists on staying in the Shah house but occupying the upper floor separately, while the Shahs take the ground floor.

Leela says she had warned Dimpy would break into their home. A dejected Hasmukh sits silently as Samar mutely complies with Dimpy.

Anupama Implements Division

Anupama states kitchen and puja room should remain common. But she divides the kitchen and makes Dimpy-Samar responsible for their own grocery and utility bills, etc.

Hasmukh agrees parents can only support children so much. Dimpy arrogantly goes upstairs with Samar following obediently.

Anuj Gets Concerned

At Kapadia’s house, Anuj grows worried that Anupama has been gone a while and hopes everything is okay.

Hasmukh Apologizes to Anupama

Anupama tries leaving but Hasmukh apologizes for dragging her into their mess. When asked about Romil, Anupama explains Barkha doesn’t see Romil’s inner turmoil and pain hidden by his anger.

She emphasizes love, not relationships, and bonds children with elders. Anupama prays for her family’s reunion and leaves.

Anuj Anupama Romantic Interlude

Outside, Anuj playfully throws a rose at Anupama. They jokingly flirt and dance together, realizing they forgot romance and caring for their family.

Anupama says even unmarried, find happiness within. Anuj suggests she enjoys meeting old friends; Anupama reciprocates. They head home together happily.

Adhik Abuses Pakhi

At the office, Pakhi struggles with some documents, hoping Anuj was there to help. Adhik helps then throws away her laptop and starts physically assaulting her.


Adhik continues physically abusing a pleading Pakhi. Anupama and Anuj walk in to find a crying Pakhi, who hugs Anupama and says yes when asked if something happened.

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