E1010 – Anupama 11 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Vanraj and Anuj Scold Responsibly

Vanraj tells Dimpy as her father-in-law he can’t scold too much, or he’d have slapped her if she was his daughter.

Anuj tells Ankush he did wrong indulging Romil. Barkha shouts Ankush is spoiling the already spoiled boy. Ankush asks if he shouldn’t love his son.

Anuj Advises Ankush

Anuj explains giving money instead of correcting Romil is wrong. Ankush must understand and address Romil’s problems, not spoil him further. Anuj says Ankush undermined his advice by interfering and offering Romil money.

Dimpy Insults Family

Dimpy shouts they should kill her for speaking the truth. She criticizes Anupama for marrying rich, Vanraj for having another baby at his age, Leela for lazing around, and Hasmukh for not working.

Anupama slaps Dimpy hard for insulting her parents. Dimpy falls onto Samar, stunned.

Ankush Defends Himself

Ankush argues he knows Romil is upset over his mother leaving and Barkha/Adhik troubling him. If Ankush gets tough too, Romil will feel the world is against him. Adhik says they can’t tolerate Romil anymore.

Anupama Confronts Dimpy

Anupama warns she won’t allow her parents to be mistreated. She didn’t want to come but had to stop Dimpy’s nonsense. She criticizes Dimpy’s selfishness despite the family accepting her.

Toshu and Kinjal add Malti Devi just used them. Anupama says she can confront even her own kids. Barkha and Ankush’s fighting continues.

Anupama Asks Dimpy to Leave

Anupama asks if Dimpy finds the family unfit for her. When Dimpy falters, Anupama orders her to leave with Samar, as others got punished for misdeeds.

Dimpy Demands Property Share

Dimpy refuses to leave without a property share. Hasmukh says Anupama can decide anything as it’s his house. Dimpy insists outsider Anupama can’t evict them and threatens legal action.


Dimpy insists on staying separately and taking their property share. Anupama says they’ll divide laundry and groceries too then.

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