E1009 – Anupama 10 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Vanraj Hides Truth From Family

When Leela asks if something happened between Vanraj and Kavya, he cites work stress. Kavya adds she got stressed helping him. Though skeptical, Hasmukh accepts their explanation.

Dimpy Brags About Job

With Kinjal’s cab canceled, Dimpy boastfully offers their new car. Kinjal refuses, knowing Dimpy’s motive. Dimpy claims they also care for family but aren’t appreciated.

She adds Malti Devi consults them for everything and sent a new contract to the head of Mumbai operations. But Kinjal gets word Rakhi handled the meeting.

Malti Devi Fires Samar and Dimpy

Malti Devi’s employee arrives with paperwork terminating and demanding their car back. The family says they had warned against Malti Devi. Dimpy reluctantly hands over the keys.

Dimpy Calls Anupama

A furious Dimpy calls Anupama, who comes over. Dimpy starts insulting Anupama for costing their jobs. Anupama lets her vent fully before responding.

Anupama Scolds Dimpy

Anupama explains they were just pawns for Malti Devi to use against her. The family warned them repeatedly but they didn’t listen. Dimpy blames Anupama’s confrontation with Malti Devi.

Romil Attitude Persists

When Ankush asks where Romil is going, he rudely says he won’t report his activities. Anuj explains elders worry for youngsters’ safety. Romil says he’s meeting a friend.

Anuj advises Romil to focus on his studies and not be casual about his career. But Romil remains dismissive. Ankush gives Romil money and a driver to divert the issue.

Dimpy Verbally Attacks Anupama

Dimpy shouts at Anupama for lecturing them after costing their jobs. Toshu asks if Samar will blame their parents too. Samar says Malti Devi liked them until the warnings.

Leela calls him Dimpy’s puppet. Anupama says DILs are wrongly blamed for sons’ misbehavior. Dimpy yells at Anupama to mind her own family. Kavya points out they summon Anupama themselves.

Family Arguments Continue

Kinjal praises Anupama’s support despite Dimpy’s family disowning her. Dimpy claims Anupama wants to play the heroine. Leela reminds Dimpy she married into this family due to Anupama.

More accusations fly between Toshu, Samar, and Dimpy over jealousy. Dimpy brings up Toshu getting them fired out of envy. Toshu calls it rubbish.


Anupama slaps Dimpy for insulting Hasmukh and Leela, telling her and Samar to leave. Dimpy insists on staying separately. Anupama will divide the kitchen too.

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