E1008 – Anupama 9 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama Explains a Mother’s Strength

Anupama tells Malti Devi there are 3 paths to God – devotion, knowledge, and love. Saints follow devotion, gurus follow knowledge, and mothers follow love. A guru works hard for years to connect with God, but a mother connects automatically when carrying her child.

She explains only a mother can compete with a guru in the universe. Students are cursed for questioning gurus, but when a mother questions, even God has to answer.

Anupama Confronts Malti Devi

Anupama says Malti Devi is just a fallen star. A guru needs greatness, dignity, and forgiveness – she has lost all three and stooped low. Malti Devi warns her to watch her words.

Anupama agrees she was wrong and apologized. A guru would punish her, but involving her children crossed the line. Now it’s her turn. Malti Devi asks what she can do. Anupama says as a targeted mother, she’ll go to any extent to protect her kids.

Anupama Rebukes Malti Devi

Anupama berates Malti Devi for stooping so low. Though Ravan was a scholar, arrogance destroyed him too. Anuj can harm Malti Devi but shows grace by staying calm.

She warns Malti Devi to stay away from her kids or face consequences. As the power goes off, Anupama says Malti Devi should enlighten herself instead of darkening Anupama’s life. Anupama walks away boldly. Nakul overhears everything.

Anuj Consoles Anupama

Anupama returns home and hugs Anuj, saying everything went well with Malti Devi. She describes confronting Malti Devi. Anuj is shocked an artist fell so low but hopes she’ll mend her ways after meeting a mother’s fury.

Anupama’s Concerns Continue

Anupama recalls Vanraj’s warning that the problems won’t end there. She compares life’s problems to a conveyor belt. She and Anuj thank God for reuniting them and promise to handle problems together. Anuj hugs her tightly, saying problems can’t come between them.

Next Morning at Shahs

Toshu says Pari is very happy. Leela asks if she’ll call the new baby uncle/aunt or by name. Kinjal leaves for the office early, telling Toshu not to worry about Pari.

When Leela asks Kavya to make tea for Vanraj, he refuses. Leela asks if something happened between them and if the baby is okay.


Dimpy shouts the family are hypocrites, especially Hasmukh and Leela. Anupama slaps Dimpy and tells her and Samar to leave Hasmukh’s house. Dimpy says they’ll stay separately. Anupama says she’ll divide the kitchen too.

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