E1007 – Anupama 8 August 2023 Written Episode Update

Malti Devi Lures Samar-Dimpy

Malti Devi asks Nakul to give Samar and Dimpy a salary increment and bonuses to lure them, though it’s not even a month since they joined. She wants to make them feel pampered.

Vanraj Confronts Malti Devi

Vanraj enters clapping, saying great artists fall – Malti Devi is one with a big talent but a small heart. He says she turned a mother’s love into crime and now targets her children since she couldn’t harm Anupama.

Malti Devi asks why he came. Vanraj says to add sense – Anupama considers this a conspiracy but he sees it as anger. He warns if she harms his family, he’ll destroy her gurukul and identity.

Malti Devi Threatens Anupama

Anupama gets Malti Devi’s angry message about sending Vanraj to threaten her. Malti Devi vows to retaliate against them both.

When Anuj asks about Vanraj’s visit, Anupama says nobody listens so now she’ll handle it her way.

Family Drama at Shahs

Samar asks Vanraj about meeting Malti Devi. Vanraj says he’ll destroy her. Dimpy says Vanraj will destroy them instead. Vanraj warns Samar to control his wife’s mouth.

Anupama enters saying enough is enough. She scolds Vanraj for threatening Malti Devi and creating more mess. Vanraj says Malti Devi will be in trouble if not stopped. Anupama says he’s making it worse with threats.

Anupama Reproves Family

Vanraj says Samar and Dimpy work for the enemy now. Leela adds they growl if we criticize Malti Devi. Anupama warns them to not betray their family for Malti Devi.

When Dimpy interrupts, Anupama scolds her to know her limits as a DIL. Though Malti Devi lost her way, she’s still her guru. Anupama refuses to interfere further.

Kavya Seeks Anupama’s Advice

Kavya tells Anupama that Vanraj still refuses to talk. Anupama suggests waiting for him to calm down and keep trying like she’s trying to gain Malti Devi’s forgiveness. Kavya doesn’t want to lose Vanraj.

Dimpy Spills Family Secrets

Dimpy visits Malti Devi, who is furious about Vanraj’s threats. Dimpy complains against Anupama and reveals they hid Maaya’s death from the police.

Romil-Adhik Fight

Romil accidentally bumps into Pakhi. As Adhik stops Pakhi from falling, he gets angry at Romil. Barkha and Ankush intervene. Romil rudely leaves despite Ankush.

Malti Devi Tries to Poison Choti Anu

Malti Devi visits Choti Anu, trying to reveal Anupama caused Maaya’s death. Anupama arrives just in time, scolding and warning her to not eye her children or she’ll forget all limits.


Anupama warns Malti Devi to not provoke a mother’s fury.

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