Anupama 7 August 2023 Written Episode Update | Episode 1006

Kavya Apologizes to Her Baby

Kavya apologizes to her baby, saying Mama made a mistake and Papa got angry instead. She says it’s common for elders to make mistakes and children get punished, so baby shouldn’t be angry at Mama as she’s fighting for her, or even papa Vanraj.

Anupama Comforts Barkha

Anupama tries comforting Barkha, who hasn’t eaten since yesterday. Barkha says only she has to compromise, it’s hard with her own kids, let alone others. She hates Romil and can’t tolerate him.

Anupama suggests Barkha vent her frustration by throwing pillows. Barkha does so. Anupama says she and Anuj care for her. Barkha complains Ankush promised not to involve his illegitimate son but did. She has no support like Anupama had when leaving Vanraj. In anger, Barkha hurts her leg on the couch.

Anupama Appeals to Barkha’s Humanity

Anupama comforts Barkha, saying children shouldn’t be punished for parental mistakes. She describes how Romil must have suffered taunts due to his parents. Anupama asks if Barkha will forgive herself if Romil harms himself from the pressure. She suggests leaving things to time, but Barkha refuses to ever accept Romil.

Samar and Dimpy Gift Shahs a Car

The Shahs are surprised when Samar and Dimpy gift them an expensive new car. Samar asks why they aren’t happy with their success. Vanraj says they must have taken favors from Anupama’s enemy Malti Devi to afford this.

Hasmukh worries about paying the EMI. Dimpy rudely says they will handle it. Toshu points out they took help from Anupama’s enemy. Samar counters Toshu also took Rakhi’s help before. Dimpy calls Toshu jealous of Samar’s success since he’s jobless.

Family Argument Ensues

Toshu tells Dimpy to shut up and Samar to control his wife’s tongue. Samar says Dimpy tells the truth which irks the Shahs, and now Toshu feels insecure like Samar once did. An enraged Vanraj slaps Samar for insulting Toshu and demands they apologize. But Samar and Dimpy refuse.

Romil Rude Behavior

Anupama convinces Barkha to eat and serves the family food. Romil arrogantly says he already ordered food and tells Ankush to send it to his room. Barkha fumes at his attitude. Anuj says Romil’s rudeness to Anupama is intolerable. Ankush apologizes on Romil’s behalf.


Malti Devi tries to befriend Choti Anu. Anupama apologizes for her earlier misbehavior but warns her not to provoke her mother.

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