Anupama 6 August 2023 Written Episode Update | Episode 1005

Vanraj Fears Becoming a Joke

Vanraj tells Anupama a man is criticized for losing his wife and job, but becomes a joke if his wife cheats. He says the air he breathes turns poisonous, yet a husband must hide his and his wife’s infidelity. So Anupama shouldn’t reveal Kavya’s secret. Anupama agrees and advises remembering Kavya’s love too before deciding anything.

After Vanraj leaves, Anupama feels weak and dizzy but composes herself before Anuj sees her. Anuj asks about Vanraj’s late visit. Anupama says it’s a parental home issue she can’t discuss. Anuj understands and offers Shah’s help if needed.

Vanraj Rejects Kavya

Vanraj returns home. Kavya tries talking to him, but Vanraj ignores her, warns her not to touch him, and declares there’s nothing left to discuss. When Kavya apologizes, Vanraj asks if he should celebrate her pregnancy.

He says he truly loved her but she betrayed him. Kavya claims she didn’t betray him and listened calmly. Vanraj says nothing will change – she hid the truth and would have continued hiding it. Though he bears punishment for his own sins, he can’t forgive or accept her and the baby now.

Anupama’s Nightmare

Anupama recalls Vanraj’s words. Pakhi hugs her while sleeping. Anupama sings her a lullaby. Anuj watches them and leaves.

Anupama then has a nightmare where Malti Devi has harmed Samar and Toshu, and Pakhi is dead. A horrified Anupama wakes up shouting for Pakhi. Anuj comforts her that it was just a dream to forget.

Anupama Worries for Her Children

In the morning, Anupama does pooja with Pakhi and asks if she’s okay, saying she worries as a mother. She prays for her children’s protection.

Vanraj Hides Truth From Family

Kavya tries to leave but Vanraj stops her – his family is happy about her pregnancy so he doesn’t want to spoil it. He warns not to expect anything from him and leaves crying.

Leela notices and asks if Kavya and Baby are okay. Vanraj lies they’re fine but he had a nightmare, so Leela performs a ritual to ward off evil from Kavya and baby.

CA Shooed Away

CA tells Anupama that Barkha and Romil scolded and shooed her away when she went to wish them good morning. Anupama explains she shouldn’t enter others’ rooms uninvited except her parents.

Kavya’s Dilemma

Kavya wants to reveal the truth but Vanraj warned her not to. She decides to continue hiding it for now. Vanraj is heartbroken but tolerates everything as punishment for his own sins.

Anupama’s Concerns

Anupama is worried for her children after the nightmare. She advises Vanraj to also consider Kavya’s love when deciding things. But she keeps Kavya’s secret per her promise.


Malti Devi tries befriending Choti Anu. Anupama apologizes for her earlier misbehavior but warns her not to provoke her mother.

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