Anupama 5 August 2023 Written Episode Update | Episode 1004

Anupama 5 August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pakhi Confronts Adhik

Adhik walks to his room fuming. Pakhi tells him getting angry and threatening Romil won’t solve anything. Adhik shouts at her to stay away. Pakhi says he shouldn’t interfere between Barkha and Ankush, and should let them handle their issues.

Anupama Discusses Ankush’s Affair

Anupama tells Anuj she can’t understand how all this happened. Anuj explains that years ago when living separately from Barkha, Ankush had met a woman in Delhi and started an affair. The woman knew he was married but wanted companionship, not marriage.

Anupama asks what changed now. Anuj guesses the woman decided she couldn’t raise a child alone and dumped parental responsibility on Ankush before moving abroad. Anupama criticizes them for not valuing marriage, family, and society.

Pakhi Threatens Domestic Violence Charges

Pakhi offers water to Adhik, but he refuses. She reminds him of physically abusing her and threatens to have him arrested for domestic violence, but says she understands his situation too.

Anupama Criticizes Ankush

Anupama tells Anuj she has a problem with such disloyal relationships. She feels pity for Barkha hearing Ankush’s justification. Anupama questions if Ankush would have accepted Barkha doing the same. She says the whole family and innocent Romil suffer due to Ankush’s actions.

Pakhi Offers Adhik Another Chance

Pakhi tells Adhik she is willing to give their marriage another chance despite his abuse because she has made mistakes too.

Anupama Laments Betrayal

Anupama tells Anuj that broken trust can never be regained. Anuj senses she has more to say, but Anupama just thinks of Kavya’s secret.

Kavya Tries to Reconcile

Kavya tells Adhik she still loves him and wants to revive their relationship. But Adhik walks away.

Anupama Feels for Romil

Anupama feels terrible for Romil watching all the drama silently. She firmly says Ankush is in the wrong. Anuj agrees but says they cannot interfere in others’ lives.

Kavya Confides in Anupama

Anupama calls Kavya, who says she spoke to Vanraj but he angrily left without responding. Kavya worries what he might do. Anupama assures he won’t harm himself and to speak to him immediately when he returns.

Vanraj Turns to Anupama

Vanraj calls Anupama from outside her house, saying he needs to talk despite issues at her home too. He says he can’t bear to hear Kavya. Anupama points out he doesn’t want interference when things are good. Vanraj asks if she’d say the same about Kinjal. Anupama argues Kinjal’s situation is different.

Vanraj Vents to Anupama

Vanraj describes feeling exactly how Anupama must have felt with his betrayal. Anupama refuses to rehash her pain and says though Kavya is wrong, Vanraj can’t punish the innocent baby. Vanraj insists it’s not his baby. Anupama urges caring for the baby regardless.

Vanraj asks her not to tell anyone, as he’ll become a joke. He continues venting his fears and pain over Kavya’s betrayal.


Malti Devi tries to befriend Choti Anu. Anupama apologizes for her earlier misbehavior but warns not to provoke a mother.

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