Anupama 4 August 2023 Written Episode Update | Episode 1003

Anupama 4 August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barkha Rejects Romil

Barkha orders Romil to get out of the house. Romil arrogantly asks if she always shouts like this, no wonder her husband cheated. Barkha says she won’t allow Ankush’s illegitimate son to stay. Ankush insists Romil will stay. Romil comments he’ll die from the noise pollution. More arguing ensues.

Anuj asks them to stop fighting in front of the child. Ankush reminds Barkha she already knew about Romil. Barkha argues she didn’t know Ankush would dump his son on her. Ankush refuses to abandon his son.

Family Takes Sides

Barkha threatens to have an affair and bring her boyfriend there too. Anuj tells her not to talk rubbish in anger. Adhik says he can’t accept an illegitimate child forced on him.

Ankush points out he accepted Adhik years ago like his own son when Barkha wanted him to. Anupama pleads them to stop fighting in front of Romil. Adhik calls Romil arrogant and spoiled. Anupama argues kids act out to hide their pain.

Ankush decides to leave with Romil. Anuj postpones discussion until morning. Ankush takes Romil away. Anuj asks Pakhi to handle Romil’s food. Anupama feels weak from the day’s events.

Shahs Discuss Illegitimate Child

At the Shahs, Leela says Ankush ruined the mood that day. Kinjal notes Romil will always remind Barkha of Ankush’s affair. Leela declares it’s difficult to accept an illegitimate child, and they would never accept one of Kavya’s.

Vanraj recalls his own betrayal of Anupama. Barkha cries to Adhik that she can never accept Romil despite feeling bad for him. She complains Anupama didn’t support her like when she left Vanraj for cheating.

Vanraj goes to his room, citing tiredness. Leela plans to do prayers for him, Kavya and the baby. In his room, Vanraj breaks down alone.

Family Drama Continues

Leela tells everyone to rest. Dimpy and Samar plan to visit Malti Devi, angering Toshu. Dimpy insults him for being jobless, and Samar takes her side, irking Leela.

Kavya decides to confess the truth to Vanraj to clear her guilt. But Vanraj angrily walks away when she tries.

Adhik Threatens Romil

Adhik pins Romil against a wall, threatening him to leave. Romil tells him to talk to his father. Adhik continues his threats until Ankush intervenes.

The family argues again. Ankush warns Adhik to not touch Romil again. Anuj postpones discussion again. Ankush insists Romil will stay with him even if Barkha objects. Anupama feels dizzy and weak again during the drama.


Vanraj calls Anupama late at night, saying he’s not fine. Anupama refuses to discuss his betrayal. Anuj sees Vanraj leaving and asks Anupama why he came so late.

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