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Anupama 2 August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vanraj Heartbroken Over Kavya’s Betrayal

Vanraj is utterly heartbroken after learning that Kavya’s baby actually belongs to Anirudh, not him. Anupama tells Kavya she has betrayed Vanraj, so she must decide if she will reveal the truth or continue hiding it. Kavya breaks down in tears. Anupama prays to God for guidance on handling this situation, then walks out of the room. She finds Vanraj sitting on the floor, looking shattered. Anupama realizes he overheard her conversation with Kavya.

She recalls catching Kavya and Vanraj together in her bedroom on their 25th anniversary. Anupama thinks – why does sorrow always follow quickly on the heels of happiness? Anuj sees her leaving the party and asks what happened. Sensing her tension, he asks what’s wrong.

Anupama Hides Truth from Family

Leela asks Kavya to give her medicine. Anupama covers for her, saying Kavya will come down after freshening up. Leela asks if Kavya is alright. Anupama assures her she is fine. Leela takes Anupama away to show her something.

Kavya composes herself and emerges from the room. The family plays games together. Anupama forces laughter while noticing Vanraj rejoining them. Kavya thanks God that she only told Anupama, avoiding a big problem. Anupama feels conflicted, unable to reveal the truth but also unable to stay silent.

Family Remarks Upset Anupama

Barkha panics when Ankush is unreachable, fearing her worst nightmare is coming true. Pakhi decides she can’t tolerate domestic violence from Adhik any longer.

Kavya asks Vanraj not to worry as she and the baby are both fine. He angrily looks at her. Hearing their conversation further stresses Anupama. When the family suggests baby names, Anuj says he was so excited about Choti Anu’s arrival.

Leela remarks there is a difference between adopted and biological children. Anuj justifies adopting a child, but Vanraj walks away, visibly upset. Leela assumes he got emotional about fatherhood.

Vanraj Confides in Anupama

Vanraj breaks down alone in the car. He anxiously recalls Kavya’s revelation that the baby isn’t his. He tells Anupama this child for whom he was so happy is not his own – his love was an illusion and his marriage a betrayal.

As Kavya looks for Vanraj to tell him the truth, he continues venting his anguish over the destroyed illusion of happiness. Anupama asks him to control himself, but he asks how. She acknowledges Kavya’s betrayal is huge, but says a baby is now involved.

Anupama Appeals to Vanraj

Vanraj insists it’s Anirudh’s illegitimate child, not his. Anupama argues that while relationships may be illegitimate, children are always innocent. She reminds him of his own 8-year betrayal of her and pleads with him to consider the baby’s innocence.


Barkha asks if Anupama would have accepted an illegitimate child of Anuj’s into her home. Vanraj adamantly declares that when a child doesn’t belong to the woman, she has no responsibility for it.

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