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Anupama 1 August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama Confronts Kavya

Anupama tells Kavya that the story she just told was for herself, as people create stories of infidelity to justify themselves as Toshu and Vanraj did earlier. But no excuse or reason can justify infidelity. She says she will not accept Kavya’s story and consider her a victim because Kavya is absolutely in the wrong. Kavya said the family didn’t accept her, but Kavya herself ruined Anupama’s marital life by having an affair with Vanraj. The family eventually accepted Kavya, but she still had an affair with Anirudh while married to Vanraj. Anupama asks if Kavya would have revealed this secret if she wasn’t pregnant.

Kavya insists she doesn’t have an emotional relationship with Anirudh and is not at fault. Anupama retorts that Toshu also didn’t have an emotional relationship with that girl, yet Kavya had criticized him back then. She berates Kavya for betraying Vanraj and reminds her of how Vanraj had betrayed and humiliated Anupama for Kavya. She says Kavya should have learned from her tolerance of Vanraj and Leela’s mistreatment for 26 years.

Anupama Rebukes Kavya

Anupama vividly describes how a person feels when their partner betrays them. She asserts she never supported wrongdoing in the past and never will in the future. She says she can’t expect sympathy from Kavya.

Meanwhile, Anuj fixes Vanraj’s leg sprain and Vanraj praises him. Anupama reminds Kavya that she had caught her in bed with Vanraj on their 25th anniversary. Kavya claims she never expected Anirudh would abandon her after learning of her pregnancy and suggest abortion. She criticizes men’s insensitivity.

Anupama warns her not to only blame men, as women are equally at fault. She tells Kavya to accept her mistake. Kavya says she would have committed suicide if not pregnant. She claims she had no expectations and was managing alone, but then worried her child would be deprived of family love like her. She confesses she lied about Anirudh’s child being Vanraj’s to get the family’s love and attention in her greed. She needed their concern as a pregnant woman, but now feels guilty.

Anupama Advises Truth

Anupama suggests Kavya can’t build her world on lies, so should confess the truth to Vanraj. Kavya protests Vanraj will leave her then. Anupama says at least her conscience will be clear, and the truth will come out eventually, with her baby suffering the consequences. She firmly advises Kavya to tell Vanraj the truth, if not now then later. But Kavya refuses. Anupama says Kavya can do as she wishes, but shouldn’t play the victim or let women be blamed.

Vanraj Learns the Truth

Just then, Vanraj opens the door and overhears Kavya tell Anupama that she can’t reveal to Vanraj that the baby is Anirudh’s, not his, as it would shatter Vanraj. Vanraj is horrified as he hears the truth about Kavya’s pregnancy.


Vanraj breaks down after learning of Kavya’s betrayal. Anupama comforts him. Meanwhile, Ankush’s illegitimate child visits the Kapadia house. Barkha refuses to let him stay and asks Anupama if she allowed Anuj’s illegitimate child into her house.

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